Some Surprising Uses for Your Dishwasher

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Dishwashers have a number of surprising uses beyond cleaning plates and forks!

Dishwashers have a number of surprising uses beyond cleaning plates and forks!

Sure, “dish” is in the name, but did you know that your dishwasher can clean so much more than plates and forks? Get the most out of your dishwasher with these tips and tricks.

Kitchen exhaust filter – Tossing your kitchen’s exhaust filter in the dishwasher once a month will help you avoid gunky oil buildup. Your dishwasher’s high temperature combined with a good detergent is sufficient to fight away tough grease with little effort on your part.

Dish sponges – Dish sponges provides a warm, moist environment for bacteria and mold to thrive. Using the heated dry setting on your dishwasher is a great way to wipe out the germs.

Soap dishes and toothbrush holders –  If you haven’t taken a good look at your toothbrush holder in a while, you probably should. Toothbrush holders and soap dishes can get surprisingly gross. Place them on the top rack of your dishwasher for an easy, delicate cleaning.

Plastic hairbrushes, toothbrushes and pet toys – When it comes to plastic, your dishwasher can help keep it clean. Pet toys can get muddy and disgusting, and the dishwasher is a great solution. Just be sure to avoid putting in any toys or appliances with an electronic component, as they could short out.

Baseball caps and footwear – Baseball caps can frequently become misshapen in traditional washing machines. Instead, try washing them on the top rack of your dishwasher with a full cycle. Flip flops and rain boots with their liners removes are also good candidates when it comes to getting rid of the grime (FYI, crocs are not dishwasher safe).

Garden tools – Another great way to get the mud off, but make sure to avoid loading them with dishes as they may have come into contact with pesticides or animals.

Potatoes and fish fillets – Wrap some fish in aluminum foil, place it on the top rack, and run it through a normal cycle. Now you’ve steamed your fish! Potatoes can also get nice and clean with the rinse-only cycle. Finally you can make mashed potatoes so much quicker.

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