3 Benefits Of Energy Star Certified Kitchen Appliances

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Are you updating your kitchen applianes? Consider Energy Star certified products!
Are you updating your kitchen applianes? Consider Energy Star certified products!

Are you updating your kitchen appliances? Consider Energy Star certified products!

If you’re looking to replace appliances in your kitchen in the near future, you’re probably considering Energy Star certified appliances. But what exactly is an Energy Star appliance? Energy Star is a label that certifies that an appliance is energy efficient. Here are the benefits of choosing Energy Star certified appliances when buying new appliances for your kitchen.

Lowered Utility Bills

Shelling out a large sum for a new appliance can be a little shocking. However, almost all of the Energy Star rated appliances will offer substantial energy savings in your utility bill over the life of the appliance. Some appliances will offer greater savings than others. Generally speaking, things like air conditioners and heat pumps could have the biggest impact on your utility bill.

Decreased Environmental Impact

In addition to saving money, buying Energy Star appliances can help you save the environment. Even though you are only one household, you can still help decrease the nation’s carbon footprint. The Energy Star program has helped Americans lower their greenhouse emissions by 2.4 billion metric tons in the 20 years it has been around. There are so many appliances in the kitchen, it is a great room to start in if you’re looking to lower your family’s carbon footprint.

The Latest Technology

Older appliances are more prone to breakdowns and malfunctions simply because of their age, and some appliances like the fridge really need to be dependable.  They also can be less user-friendly and offer fewer options than newer models. New appliances offer many options and bells and whistles that older ones and they tend to do the job better. How much better would it be if you not only saved money on electricity with a new dishwasher, but it was also quieter, easier to use, and faster? Updating to a newer Energy Star appliance can mean finding a model that better fits your wants and needs.

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