3 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2020

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Kitchen Remodeling Trends 2020

The popularity of dark appliance finishes is one of the kitchen remodeling trends we’re keeping our eye on in the upcoming year.

As 2019 draws nearer to a close, many home builders and renovators are turning their attention to 2020 and the various ways they can create dream spaces for homeowners. While some design cues and aesthetics are timeless, every year new kitchen remodeling trends are in vogue. By knowing what to expect when consulting with your customers, you, as a builder, will be better equipped to deliver the best building and renovation services to them! Here are 3 kitchen remodeling trends that we are definitely keeping our eye on for next year.

1. Colored Cabinetry

Cabinet color choice is a very important part of creating the overall aesthetic vibe of a kitchen space. White cabinets have always been a timeless classic and should continue to be a go-to choice for many homeowners. However, we’re also seeing homeowners decide to be a little bold with their kitchen cabinets, opting for colorful flourishes that make their kitchens stand out more. Various hues of green have been gaining in popularity recently – pale mints and olive hues in farmhouse kitchen design, brighter and bolder greens in contemporary design. Pair these color choices with wood floors and a white backsplash to bring out the best in the cabinetry.

2. Mixed Metal Hardware

One of the best ways to create a truly unique kitchen design is through the choice of hardware, so this should be taken into careful consideration during every kitchen remodeling project. Right now, mixing metal materials amongst the different fixtures is trending up. Many are choosing two different metals – one bright and another dark. Darker metals work especially well when paired with darker appliance finishes.

3. Dark Appliance Finishes

While stainless steel remains a great choice for most kitchen aesthetics, homeowners are recognizing that dark appliance finishes, such as black slate or black stainless steel, can add a modern and dramatic flourish to their kitchen designs. These kitchen appliances can also come with technological features that can add more functionality to their kitchens as a whole, making them great all-around choices for new kitchen renovations!

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