3 Reasons Why a French Door Refrigerator Might Make Sense in Your Kitchen

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When shopping for a new refrigerator for your kitchen, there are many choices out there on the market beyond your traditional top mount refrigerator. Side-by-side refrigerators offer a lot of functionality and can help lend a thoroughly modern aesthetic to your kitchen design, but they can also come with some disadvantages such as limited space. The French door refrigerator features a freezer space on the bottom of the unit with two doors on the top that opens out for access to the fridge space. This setup can work beautifully for you and your kitchen! Here are three reasons why a French door refrigerator could work in your kitchen and home life.

1. Easy Access

Old style top mount refrigerators are currently difficult to use because of their design and have become outdated due to a general change in the typical American lifestyle. In the past, the introduction of frozen foods and TV dinners meant that the freezer was used more commonly. Nowadays great meal preparation focuses less on frozen food and more on freshness and healthiness. Freezers still have utility, but we need easier access to our refrigerator features. With a French door refrigerator, you won’t have to bend down to the floor to access your crisper drawers or other hard-to-reach areas – your commonly used fresh food items will always be within easy reach!

2. Space for Larger Items

While the side-by-side refrigerator style allows for easy access to both fresh and frozen food, there is one major disadvantage: neither side is wide enough to accommodate larger food items. If you’re looking to have large items in your refrigerator, a French door refrigerator gives you access to the full width of the unit in both the freezer and fridge areas. This can also make a big difference in helping you keep your refrigerator clean and organized!

3. Saves Energy

You may remember from science class that warm air rises. Because of this fact, a traditional top mount refrigerator must use more energy to keep the freezer cold – warmer refrigerator air constantly rises to the top freezer portion. The design of a French door refrigerator protects the freezer from rising warm air – the warmer refrigerator space is on top of the freezer space – which helps the unit as a whole consume less energy.

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