4 Resolutions to Make for Your Kitchen This New Year!

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Happy New Year from all of us at Appliance Distributors Unlimited! The new year is a great time to observe your life and surroundings and make positive changes where needed. If your current kitchen isn’t working out as well as it could be, now is the perfect time to make some resolutions and change it! Here are four positive changes you can make to your kitchen this year that will make it more organized, more operational, or just plain better!

1. Save Some Energy

Nowadays the size of a home’s carbon footprint is a significant concern for homeowners. Not only do energy efficient appliances and practices help reduce overall home energy use, they can also save you some money on your bills every month, which over time can add up.  If your energy bill this month has skyrocketed, perhaps its time to take a good look at new kitchen appliances which are more energy efficient!

2. Find New Tools

Manufacturers like to release new appliance models every year that feature the latest and greatest in technology to create a better experience for homeowners using them. Features such as digital temperature controls on your refrigerator and internet connectivity can add greater utility to your kitchen and make your home life easier!

3. Reorganize

Organizing your kitchen can seem like a mammoth task, but the problem will only get worse if you delay it. The good news is that there are a lot of methods and tactics you can use to get your kitchen organized in the new year. If your cabinetry isn’t up for the task, a fresh kitchen renovation complete with new cabinets could be a great solution for your needs.

4. Deep Cleaning

With the flu and the latest stomach bug spreading, it’s more important than ever to stick with a comprehensive cleaning plan for your whole home. However, keeping your kitchen clean should be a top priority year-round to also keep it looking great! Make sure you understand the best ways to keep your countertops, cabinets, and appliances clean – stainless steel, for example, does require a specialized method to avoid leaving smudge marks and streaks.

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