A Built-in Wine Storage Unit is Perfect for your New Year’s Celebration!

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built-in wine storage unit

Imagine the convenience of having a built-in wine storage unit in your kitchen!

Having a handpicked selection of excellent wines is the best way to liven spirits at your New Years party. There are many factors that affect the aroma and flavor of your wine selection, including temperature, stacking, UV rays, and humidity. To make sure that you get the most out of your wine collection, both on New Year’s Day and beyond, it is wise to invest in a built-in wine storage unit. Not only will a wine storage unit add an extra dynamic to your kitchen, it will also protect the value and quality of your wine collection. Any serious wine collector knows that a Wine Storage Unit is a wise investment.

Get the Most out of your Wine

When you invest in a Wine Storage Unit, you are also investing in improving the quality of your wine collection. Wine that is not stored properly can lose its subtle flavor notes and even sour before anyone has had a chance to enjoy it. With a built-in wine storage unit, you can be sure that your wine collection will stay safe and enjoyable. A wine storage unit keeps a consistent temperature, preferably around 55 degrees, that will help your wines to age consistently. By storing your wine bottles on their sides, you also ensure that your wine ages consistently. Corked wines run the risk of the cork drying out, thus letting oxygen into the bottle and causing premature oxidation. By storing wine on its side, the moisture from the wine keeps the cork from drying out, thus keeping the bottle sealed indefinitely. The shelter of a built-in wine storage unit also protects your wine collection from harmful UV rays that can actually bake your wine. Thus, investing in a built-in wine storage unit is a great way to assist your wine collection in the aging process.

Increase your Property Value

If you ever have to sell your home, a built-in wine storage unit can prove to be a valuable asset. It brings a level of sophistication to your kitchen, adding to the “dream kitchen” quality that many homebuyers are looking for. An under counter wine storage unit in the kitchen is much more accessible than a separate wine cellar in the basement. Even if you already have a designated wine cellar in the basement of your home, a built-in wine storage unit makes a smaller collection of wine more accessible if you are planning on drinking them soon. So, for example, if you are hosting a New Year’s Day party and you already have a basement wine cellar, you can bring your collection of wines for the party into the kitchen and store them in the built-in wine storage unit for easy access. A built-in wine storage unit is a valuable proposition for any home, because it is bound to impress guests and make your kitchen more sophisticated and accessible.

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