A Buyer’s Guide to Shopping for New Kitchen Appliances

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New Kitchen Appliances

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen and add some new kitchen appliances, here are some things to keep an eye on as you shop around and consider your options!

The kitchen is the center of home life, so it’s no surprise that, when asked which part of their home they’d most like to renovate, most homeowners choose their kitchens. Moreover, many homeowners begin kitchen renovation projects because they want to outfit their home with new kitchen appliances. Perhaps you would like the latest technological advances at your fingertips, or maybe you’re looking to save on your monthly energy costs with new energy efficient models. Regardless of your rationale, you’ll need a solid plan in place when you shop for new kitchen appliances so you know you’re getting exactly what your home needs. Here’s a buyer’s guide to shopping for various new kitchen appliances.


When shopping for a refrigerator, unless you plan on a more complete renovation project, the foremost concern should be on your existing refrigerator space. Your new fridge needs to be able to fit in the same spot as your old fridge, so have those measurements handy when you visit the store. Other than that, you’ll want to consider which door style fits with your kitchen’s aesthetic or your own personal preference. The two most common door styles nowadays are side by side (fridge on the right side, freezer on the left) and French door (freezer on the bottom), though there are some other door styles to choose from. In terms of features, easily arrangeable shelving is really nice and should be near the top of your list! You could also go for high tech units that feature internet connectivity and even touch screen interfaces.


Conventional dishwashers are usually solid for the average family, so you’ll want to concentrate primarily on the style and the features available on the unit to find the best one for you. Space considerations will usually decide whether you need a traditional fold-down dishwasher or a more compact drawer unit. After choosing a style, you’ll turn your attention to the features, primarily those related to loading. Having a lot of flexibility with rack placement can help you make the most out of your new dishwasher – in addition, flexible tines will allow you to fit just about anything. The style of the controls will depend on personal preference; however, you should strongly consider a model with a clearly visible display so you’ll always know when your dishwasher is in operation.

Cooktop & Oven

For compact kitchen spaces, an all-in-one cooktop and oven helps make the most of your limited space and should be the go-to option. However, for those with more substantial space, your options for cooktops and ovens are pretty wide open. The main consideration should be the source of fuel you prefer. Gas is known for cooking food evenly, while electric is known for cooking food quickly. For your cooktop, you could also decide on an induction system, which uses magnetic coils to further speed up the cooking process. In addition, a convection oven that circulates hot air could make sense for serious bakers. The other features, as with other new kitchen appliances, will depend on personal preference, but some nice ones to look out for are variable broil settings and touchscreen controls.

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