All You Need to Know About GE Conventional, Convection, and Advantium Microwave Ovens

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Are you thinking about getting a microwave, but not too sure which one you want? Modern microwaves are capable of much more than reheating leftovers or popping popcorn. The quality of meals a microwave can prepare has gone up dramatically in recent years. There are so many different heating technologies including microwave energy, convection, and Advantium. With all of these options, it can get confusing figuring out which one is ideal for your meal. To clear the confusion, we will review microwave energy, convection, and Advantium options from GE so that you will know which meets your cooking needs the best.

Conventional Microwaves

Microwave energy was introduced in the 1960s, and was a monumental breakthrough of the era. Countertop microwaves use microwave energy at low frequencies to cause molecules to vibrate and generate heat. They won’t brown or bake in the same way conventional ovens will, but they heat food quickly and efficiently. Perhaps you don’t cook, or maybe you’re just a Hungry-Man XXL kind of person. In either case, a simple microwave would be all you need.

This variant of microwave can include certain features such as a slim exterior, sensor cooking controls, strong defrosting power, an ability to filter out charcoal, a large turntable, ten different power levels, and what is known as a one-touch instant operation.

Convection Microwaves

A convection microwave is a fusion of a conventional microwave and a convection oven. It can not only heat foods but also brown and bake them as well. Convection microwaves, unlike conventional ones, use airflow with a fan that circulates air through the heating element evenly all throughout the inside to preheat and bake foods. Convection microwaves don’t bake all foods as well as convection ovens though, including foods such as grain-based cakes. Since convection ovens are the medium between conventional microwaves and convection ovens, they offer a middle ground in terms of features. They have a large capacity and removal racks which let you cook a large amount of food at the same time. They also include sensor cooking controls that automatically adjust the time and power to ensure wonderful food every time.

Microwaves With Advantium Technology

Over-the-range ovens can also provide you with Advantium technology in a compact space. GE’s Advantium technology cooks your food by utilizing lights. Between halogen bulbs, microwave energy, and True European Convection, GE Advantium microwaves cook food evenly and with the utmost speed. Advantium microwaves are perfect for someone who has a tight schedule or a person who loves entertaining for guests and wants to provide them with a high-quality meal.

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