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  • GE New Hybird Geo-Spring Water Heater

    Introducing: GE  New  Hybrid  Geo-Spring  Water  Heater Electric  Heat  Pump  Water  Heater Details  below…

  • Educational Classes at ADU

    Invitation:           Subject:  Educational  Class  on  Cooking  Modes                             Where:  ADU  Showrooms:                                  Baltimore  Sales  Division                          Washington  Sales  Division                          Virginia  Sales  Division See  details  below…

  • Win 4 Baseball Tickets

    Win 4  Oriole  Baseball  Tickets Plus…$100  Spending  Money   Two  chances  to  win… August  5th  Game  -    L. A.  Angels  of  Anaheim  or August  18th  Game  – Seattle  Mariners See  details  below…

  • Newsletter Spring 2010

    Newsletter  Spring  2010 The  SNOW  is  gone…back  to  business!

  • Designer Training at The Fretz Corporation

    Designer  Training  at  The  Fretz  Corporation March  11,  2010 From  9:00  AM  to  2:30  PM Training  centered  around  the  art  of  cooking  on  Wolf  professional  products,  followed  by  Sub-Zero  and  Asko  products.

  • Educational Training Seminar on Sub-Zero & Wolf Products

    Attention:  Designers  &  Remodelers…Only!                     Educational  Training  Seminar  on  Sub-Zero  &  Wolf  products  at  The  Fretz  Corporation  in  Columbia,  Maryland.                     March  11,  2010  from  9  AM  to  2  PM.                     Details  below…

  • Sub-Zero and Wolf National Consumer Promotion

    Sub-Zero  and  Wolf  National  Consumer  Promotion            When:  March  1  -  September  30,  2010. An  instant  rebate  will  be  applied  at  the  point  of  sale  only  on  all  qualifying  purchases.  All  appliances  must  be  purchased  and  invoiced  at  the  same … Read More

  • GE Monogram “Luxury Has its Rewards” Promotion

    GE  Monogram  “Luxury  Has  its  Reward”  Promotion            When:  March  1  -  September  30,  2010.                   Please note:  Promotion has been extended for another 6 months.  The Program will run through March 31, 2011. An  instant  rebate  to   the … Read More

  • Hadco Consumer Demonstrations & Use & Care Classes

    Hadco  -  Consumer  Demonstrations  and  Use  &  Care  Classes  for  2010 Would  you  like  to  schedule  a  demo  for…

  • The Fretz Corporation 2010 Consumer Product Demonstration Schedule

    The  Fretz  Coropration      -     2010  Consumer  Product  Demonstration  Schedule Would  you  like  to  schedule  a  product  demo  on…

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