Bosch Refrigerator Wins Energy Star Most Efficient 2016

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Bosch refrigerator

The Bosch refrigerator is one of the winners of this year’s Energy Star Most Efficient 2016!

The Environmental Protection Agency this year has introduced an award called the Energy Star Most Efficient 2016. This is a new distinction that recognizes the most energy-efficient products that have the latest in technological innovations. This year, the Bosch B10CB80NVB made the list of most energy-efficient refrigerators! If you are looking to create a green kitchen, then choosing winners of the Energy Star Most Efficient 2016 would be a wise choice. Here are a few reasons that the Bosch Refrigerator was chosen for this prestigious award.


Several Bosch models made it onto the list of top energy-efficient refrigerators, including the Bosch B10CB80NVB. This refrigerator was chosen because it has a low annual energy use of 314 kilowatts per year, compared to the 500 kilowatts of the average fridge! Plus, this model uses bright and energy-efficient LED lighting. Finally, an door open alarm will sound if the refrigerator door is accidentally left open or not closed the whole way. This is a great way to conserve energy by making sure you don’t accidentally leave the door open!

Style and Innovation

Style and innovation are also important considerations when awarding the Energy Star Most Efficient 2016. The Bosch refrigerator was chosen not only because it is so great at saving energy, but also because it has several innovative and stylish built-in features. A HydroFresh drawer keeps fruits and vegetables fresher for longer, and built-in wine rack helps you store your favorite wines. The slim size of this fridge combined with subtle hidden hinges also makes it a great choice for urban apartments and modern luxury kitchens. The fridge also sports a dual evaporator for prolonging the freshness of your fruits and vegetables.

Other Bosch Refrigerator Winners

In addition to the Bosch B10CB80NVB, two other Bosch refrigerators won the Energy Star Most Efficient 2016: the Bosch B10CB80NVW/01 and the Bosch B11CB50SSS/01. The latter is virtually the same as the Bosch B10CB80NVB, while the former is slightly less energy-efficient as 337 kilowatts per year but with a slightly larger interior and all the same great features.

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