Bring French Elegance Into Your Kitchen With La Cornue Appliances

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With La Cornue appliances, your kitchen will be more efficient while maintaining a timelessly chic look.

For over a century, La Cornue has been dedicated to developing gas ranges that combine leading-edge technology with chic French design. If your home boasts the most stylish and unique design features, your kitchen should be no different. In fact, with La Cornue appliances and fixtures, your kitchen will become the most beautiful room in your house.  Live in luxury with a kitchen that is both aesthetically unmatched and technologically advanced. With La Cornue appliances, your kitchen will be more efficient while maintaining a timelessly chic look.

Exquisite Gas Ranges

La Cornue came into existence with a desire to bring home cooks the best possible range that also boasted lavish style. This focus is what makes La Cornue relevant even one hundred years later. With two main series to choose from, finding the La Cornue range that highlights your kitchen will be simple. If you have space, a range from the Château Series will be the perfect, luxurious addition to your kitchen. In a smaller kitchen, any of the ranges from the CornuFé Series will bring the French elegance to your kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of. No matter which series you choose from, your range is sure to make a statement and create your dream kitchen.

Rustic Ducted Hoods

The space above your range should be equally as fashionable and efficient. La Cornue offers ducted hoods that perfectly match the aesthetic and efficiency of their gas ranges. With a Villa Hood or Château Hood, your kitchen will look expertly appointed and curated. Bring your kitchen to the highest level with any of the La Cornue appliances. If unsure of which La Cornue appliances are best for your home and budget, consulting with a kitchen appliance expert is a good way to figure out which model is best for your kitchen.

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