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Designer Trip to GE Monogram Center in NYC with ADU

GE Monogram Design Center in NYC.

October 11th & 12th, 2011

12 Designers, guests of ADU:

From left ot right: Samatha Boley, Erin Hoopes, Diana Runyon, Rick Kimmel, Mark Yost, Richard Forbes, and Julie Fifield.

Mark Yost.

From left to right:  Samatha Boley, Tom Oliff, Rick Kimmel, Diana Runyon and Yoko Barsky.

From left to right: Richard Forbes, Brad Crockett, Mark Yost, Diana Runyon, Yoko Barsky, Samatha Boley, and Debroah Stoff.

GE Showroom Manager Paula Cecere.

From left to right: Debbie Freeback, Tom Oliff, Yoko Barsky, Richard Forbes, Erin Hoopes, Julie Fifield, Dave Michalski, and Paula Cecere.

GE Monogram Chef Tagere.

The winner team of the “Iron Chef” competition is the RED TEAM of Mark Yost, Dan Prozeller and Brad Crockett.  Congratulations!!!

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