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GE Monogram Training in NYC

                              GE  Monogram Training

                  in New York City

                         at the Design Center

                                     August 8 & 9, 2012

           Below are pictures during the training…

                        Chef Tagere begins the cooking section of the GE Monogram Training in NYC.

             At the right, (in pink)  is Paula Cecere, Showroom Manager for GE Monogram Design Center.

                                           More training…and good times!!!


                                                                                     It’s time for “Iron Chef” Competition…

The Black Team:  from right to left -  Joan Watkins,  Steve Cooper,  Justion Mattice  &  Steve Mooney.

 The Blue Team: from right to left -  Gil House,  Chris Jacobs,  Kathy Porter  &  Jon Hutton.

The Red Team:  from right to left -  David MichalskiChristopher Hines,   Mac  McSorley  &  Rita McSorley.

                                                                           The Winning Team!!!
             Congratulations to…Joan Watkins,  Steve Cooper,  Justin Mattice &  Steve Mooney!

A good time was had by all.  Thanks to all that attended and for those that made the training a success.
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