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Hadco Consumer Demonstrations & Use & Care Classes

Hadco  -  Consumer  Demonstrations  and  Use  &  Care  Classes  for  2010

Would  you  like  to  schedule  a  demo  for…

                          Location:  Hadco
                                            45150  Business  Court,  #420
                                            Sterling,  Virginia  20166

Consumer  Demonstrations  -  6  to  9  PM   Reservations  required.
Use  & Care  Classes  -  10  AM  to  2  PM

                                                    Upcoming  Dates:

   Consumer  Demonstrations:                Use  &  Care  Classes:

     Tuesday,  February  23rd                     Thursday,  February  25th

     Tuesday,  March  30th                           Thursday,  March  25th

     Tuesday,  April  27th                              Thursday,  April  29th

     Tuesday,  May  25th                               Thursday,  May  27th

     Tuesday,  June  29th                             Thursday,  June  24th

Please  note:  Dates  are  subject  to  change  without  notice…please  call  to  confirm.

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