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Karen Ray Baltimore Sales Division

Karen Ray

Baltimore Sales Division


A follow-up on the install of today:

First of all, the machine is finally making ice!  (I spoke with someone there today, after the install, about my concern about no water in the ice-maker — she said wait 24 hours, which turned out to indeed be a correct response.)

Most importantly, whatever you’re paying Andy and Tony who installed this — it’s not enough!  These guys are great!   Careful, deliberate, precise, friendly – all come to mind.  I’ve has a lot of installers at my house over the years.  These 2 were the best.  Contrast this experience with the fellow who installed the replacement Sub-Zero refrigerator (same 700 type) several years ago.  I recall essentially begging him to try to get the cherry panels straight on the front of the machine.  Bad scene!

Actually, my whole buying experience was quite good on this unit, from Fretz through Appliance Distributors.  Thank you Karen for your help!  I realize that I was lucky to get this machine just at the end of its production run.

I will no doubt consider your business for future appliance purchases.  (Now if our new Governor could only do something about this 6% tax everything, that drives commerce to the internet?)

Thanks again,

Mark H. Koury

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