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To Lisa Dillon about Andy Burke, Installer

Lisa Dillon  Gaithersburg Showroom

Regarding: Andy Burke, Installer

Hi Lisa:

Just to let you know that Andy just got here and took all the measurements for the washer/dryer, refrigerator and dishwasher.  He also checked the garbage disposal unit and the circuit breakers to all.  I told him that I have no problem if the doors to the washer/dryer closet have to come down permanently.  One has already failed, and the other is close to it.  Having the W/D visible from the hallway is not a problem for me.

Thanks again for all your help.  You don’t know how much I appreciate this.

Also, kudos to Andy.  He was very polite and efficient…and he seemed to enjoy having Charlie (the cat) as a helper the time he was here.  They were high-fiving each other…I didn’t even know Charlie could do that!  That cat amazes me.  But again, Andy was a thorough professional and I would be grateful if you pass on my complements to his supervisor.  He deserves kudos.

Best regards,


Thecla Fabian, US Correspondent

Nuclear Engineering International


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