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  • Maryland’s Tax Free Weekend

    Maryland’s Tax Free Weekend                       February 19 – 21, 2011                       Appliances:                                   Clothes Washers                                     Clothes Dryers                                   Refirgerators                                   Air Conditioners                                   Dehumidifiers                                   Heat Pumps                                   Others…

  • GE Brand Night & Vegas Kick-off Party

    GE Brand Night & Vegas Kick-off Party Place:  Baltimore Sales Division Date: October 26, 2010

  • Educational Classes at ADU

    Invitation:           Subject:  Educational  Class  on  Cooking  Modes                             Where:  ADU  Showrooms:                                  Baltimore  Sales  Division                          Washington  Sales  Division                          Virginia  Sales  Division See  details  below…

  • Designer Training at The Fretz Corporation

    Designer  Training  at  The  Fretz  Corporation March  11,  2010 From  9:00  AM  to  2:30  PM Training  centered  around  the  art  of  cooking  on  Wolf  professional  products,  followed  by  Sub-Zero  and  Asko  products.

  • Educational Training Seminar on Sub-Zero & Wolf Products

    Attention:  Designers  &  Remodelers…Only!                     Educational  Training  Seminar  on  Sub-Zero  &  Wolf  products  at  The  Fretz  Corporation  in  Columbia,  Maryland.                     March  11,  2010  from  9  AM  to  2  PM.                     Details  below…

  • Hadco Consumer Demonstrations & Use & Care Classes

    Hadco  -  Consumer  Demonstrations  and  Use  &  Care  Classes  for  2010 Would  you  like  to  schedule  a  demo  for…

  • The Fretz Corporation 2010 Consumer Product Demonstration Schedule

    The  Fretz  Coropration      -     2010  Consumer  Product  Demonstration  Schedule Would  you  like  to  schedule  a  product  demo  on…

  • GE Brand Night in ADU Chantilly Showroom – October 6, 2009

    GE Brand Night at Our ADU Chantilly Showroom ADU of Chantilly, on October 6, 2009, invited builders, designers and remodelers to celebrate GE Brand Night. Dave Michalski, the GE sales manager, presented new General Electric products, while Chef Eric from Cafe de Paris entertained everyone with heavy  hors d’oeuvres and wines.

  • Ventilation Class September 24, 2009 in ADU Chantilly Showroom

    Ventilation  Class  -  How  far  can  a  duct  run? Date:  September  24,  2009 Place:  ADU,  Chantilly  Showroom Ventilation  102  -  “How  far  can  a  duct  run?”   Once  the  six  by-products  are  extracted  from  the  cooking  surface,  is  the  duct  run  sufficient … Read More

  • ADU’s Sales Staff training on Liebherr

    ADU’s  Sales  Staff  training  on  Liebherr On  September  10,  2009  ADU’s  Sales  Staff  attended  a  training  class  presented  by  Almo  to  learn  more  about  Liebherr  refrigeration.

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