Celebrate National Pancake Day with a Built-In Griddle on Your Range or Cooktop!

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Dual Fuel Range Built-In Griddle National Pancake Day

With a built-in griddle and many premium features, the Wolf dual fuel range is perfect for preparing fluffy pancakes whenever you’d like!

September 26th is National Pancake Day, so no matter whether you like to eat your favorite breakfast foods in the morning or at night, we hope you’ll get the chance to enjoy some fluffy flapjacks in celebration! The best way to make pancakes at home, without a doubt, is through the use of a griddle. However, it can be a hassle to dig the griddle out of storage every time you want to have some pancakes. But with a range or cooktop with a built-in griddle, you’ll have a dedicated spot in your kitchen for pancakes as well as frying bacon, sausage, vegetables for fajitas, and so much more!

The Wolf 48” Dual Fuel Range with Built-In Infrared Griddle

One of the best options we can recommend if you’re looking to take your pancake game to the next level is the 48” dual fuel range from Wolf, which features a built-in infrared griddle rated at 15,000 BTU. This griddle maintains a constant temperature through its thermostatic controls and can add another tool to your cooking arsenal. The Wolf dual fuel range also comes with many other features, such as:

  • Dual Stacked Sealed Burners: two tiers of flame on each burner allow for very precise temperature control.
  • Dual Convection Oven: in the oven, two fans with dedicated heating elements work together with two additional heating elements to eliminate cold spots and create an unparalleled cooking experience.
  • Industry-Leading Warranty: Wolf’s warranty is the best in the industry, offering a full two year warranty on their appliances, as well as limited five year coverage on certain elements.
  • High-Quality Materials and Rigorous Testing: even with the best warranty in the business, Wolf builds their ranges using premium-grade materials and are tested and designed to last for a minimum of 20 years!

What are you waiting for? Taste the possibilities that the Wolf 48” dual fuel range can bring to your kitchen and enjoy amazing pancakes today and any time you’d like!

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