How to Clean a Built-In Coffee Maker

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a clean built-in coffee maker

Maintenance is an important part of having a luxury built-in coffee maker!

Have you recently purchased a built-in coffee maker and are unsure of how to clean it? The warm conditions inside any coffee maker encourages the growth of bacteria when not cleaned regularly. However, if you don’t clean your built-in coffee maker properly, you also risk drinking residual traces of the cleaning solution and getting a stomachache. But don’t worry! Properly cleaning your built-in coffee maker is a simple process, and we’re here to show you how.

Step One: Brew with Cleaning Solution

You should clean your built-in coffee maker at least once a month not only to protect against bacteria but also to clean up any calcium deposits that can build up inside the machine from continued use. First, order a cleaning solution, like Steramine sanitizing tablets or powder. If you have a smaller machine, you may be able to use white vinegar instead of Stermine. However, if you have a built-in coffee machine that makes espresso, Steramine tablets will be the best way to clean it. First, attach a cleaning basket to your portafilter. This is just a basket that has no holes for the espresso to pull through. Then, put one tablet in the basket of your portafilter, attach the portafilter to the grouphead, and let the machine run for 5 seconds 5 times. After you’ve done this, detach your portafilter, rinse it out, and return the regular basket to the portafilter.

Step Two: Brew with Water

To make sure that your built-in coffee maker has no residual cleaning solution, brew two more batches of plain, clean water. Toss out the brewed water, as it will have traces of the cleaning solution in it. If you have an espresso function, pull two shots of espresso and throw them away. These shots of espresso have trace amounts of the cleaning solution in them. After brewing twice and throwing the results away, your built-in coffee maker is all ready to brew you a fresh, clean, great-tasting cup of coffee!

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