Convection in a Microwave Oven and the Advantages It Brings

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For some homeowners, the microwave oven is the most heavily used kitchen appliance in their home. It allows for quick heating and reheating of food, which fits in perfectly with families for whom daily after-school activities and practices are a reality! If you’re looking to purchase a new microwave oven, you’ll notice that there are a number of options available on the market – maybe more than you had initially expected! You’ll be looking primarily at the wattage numbers and cooking features, but one feature you should consider carefully is convection. Microwave ovens with convection come in both built-in and compact units, but these cook food a little differently than a traditional microwave. Let’s take a closer look at convection in a microwave.

What is Convection?

If you remember from your high school science classes, standard microwave ovens use electromagnetic radiation to heat the items within it. This allows for a quick, uniform heating, but the nature of how the microwave works gives it a somewhat limited utility for actually cooking food compared to your regular oven or cooktop. Convection aims to remedy this deficiency by using fans to circulate hot air inside the microwave in addition to the electromagnetic radiation. This gives microwave ovens with convection a lot more utility than conventional ones.

Benefits of a Microwave Oven with Convection

  • Faster Cooking: Since the unit is able to heat food using two different sources, the microwave oven with convection is able to cook food faster. In addition, you can utilize the convection heating aspect of the unit to actually preheat the microwave in the same way as you can with a regular oven!
  • Better-tasting Food: Almost everyone has reheated leftovers in the microwave only to find that, while the outside of the food is piping hot, the inside is still as cold as your refrigerator! In addition, food reheated in a conventional microwave tends to lose moisture and become dried out. However, a convection-based microwave oven heats food from the inside out, allowing retention of moisture and a thoroughly even heat!
  • Greater Utility: While conventional microwaves have limited utility – heat, reheat, and defrost – microwaves with convection capabilities can do nearly any cooking task imaginable. They can roast, brown, broil, steam, and even bake food!

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