Convection Steam Oven by Wolf

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New Product –
               Convection Steam Oven by Wolf

The preconceived notion of steam is that it only cooks basic vegetables.  In reality, steam has extraordinary capabilities, and the combination of convection and steam allows cooks of all levels to prepare an incredible range of foods.  From crisp cookies to perfectly browned crusts and evenly cooked meats, the possibilities are limitless.

Why a Wolf Convection Steam Oven?

Cook with convection and steam!   Delivering precise control is easy with a variety of steam, convection and combination steam and convection cooking options. Unique technology senses the amount, size and shape of food once an automatic mode has been selected.  While cooking, it monitors the time, temperature and environment, eliminating all  guesswork in the kitchen.

Largest interior – 51 liters/1.8 cubic feet.  25% larger than other manufacturers’ steam ovens.

Electronic Climate Control System – features a broiler that delivers steam in minutes.

Uninterrupted Steam – accessible water tank allows a full 90 minutes of steam.  May be refilled without opening the door or interrupting the cooking process.