Cook Like a Chef with Dual Ovens

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dual ovens

More and more homes are opting for dual ovens.

Peter Salerno, a certified kitchen designer and owner of Peter Salerno Inc., in New Jersey, says that more and more kitchens these days are becoming equipped with dual ovens. “The double oven is really critical,” Salerno says. “Every kitchen should have two ovens.” Two ovens may seem excessive, but each oven is actually crucial for fulfilling its individual functions. The two main types of ovens are conventional and convection, and each has its own special way of preparing food.

Convection Oven

A convection oven circulates the air inside the oven, cooking food evenly. This type of oven is great for making baking easier, since you don’t have to keep rotating food. However, a convection oven does not work as well with high-sided or covered dishes. You also have to make sure not to overload the oven with dishes when cooking a big meal. This is where dual ovens really comes in handy. If you have two convection ovens, you can always turn the convection setting off on one oven and keep it on for the other oven.

Conventional Oven

You may already have a conventional oven and are looking to add a second oven rather than replace your conventional oven with two new ovens. This is a great way to save money in a pinch. If you are looking for an even more economical way to expand your baking space, consider investing in a convection microwave. A convection microwave is a great addition to a full-sized conventional oven; you get all the great benefits of convection cooking without having to use up as much space or pay for a hefty price tag.

Warming Drawer

Finally, a warming drawer is a nice accessory to dual ovens. If you are hosting a holiday party, social event, or other gathering, then you’ll most likely be preparing a lot of food. Warming drawers are also becoming a popular asset in the kitchen for their ability to keep food warm as you finish preparing other dishes. A warming drawer discretely blends in with other drawers in the kitchen and has spacious room for keeping food piping hot until it is ready to be served. Oddly, some install warming drawers in their bathroom to get their towels nice and warm.

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