Dealer Trip to KBIS Show 2011

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                                            KBIS SHOW 2011

                              Dealer Trip

Sponsored by:  GE Monogram, The Appliance Source and
                               Appliance Distributors Unlimited

                 Place:  KBIS Show in Las Vegas
                 Hotel:  The Bellagio Resort
                 Dinner:  Del Frisco
                 Dates:  April 25 – 28, 2011

The WINNERS of the GE Monogram Contest go to the KBIS

Show in Las Vegas.  A good time was had by all.  We have

enclosed some of the pictures taken in Las Vegas and at the

KBIS Show.



Bus ride to the Bellagio Hotel for the KBIS Show, April 25 – 28, 2011 in Las Vegas.

Linda Oliff of TAS,  Ed Arnold, John Hockensmith of Courthouse K&B, and Brian Wooden of GE.  Dinner at Del Frisco’s In Las Vegas.

Scott and Debbie Waldhauser of Kenwood Kitchens and Tate and Krista Kruszon of Kruszon Remodeling.

Pat & Diane Mister of ADU and Debbie & Scott Waldhauser of Kenwood Kitchens.

Gil House, Tom Oliff of ADU and Joan Watkins of Watkins Cabinets.

Tom Oliff of ADU,  Matt Rose of GE;  Christy Oliff of TAS and Shari of SKape Design.

Jay Christopher of Rackl Christopher Associates;  Lois Kennedy of Portfolio Kitchens,  Dave Michalski of GE; and Julia Hatmaker of Horizon Builders.

Lisa & Jerry Weed of K&B Studios and Linsday Hayes and Julia Hatmaker of Horizon Builders.

Tom Oliff of ADU, David Doughton of K&B Factory, Tate & Krista Kruszon of Kruszon Remodeling, Pat Mister of ADU.

The Dealer WINNERS to KBIS Show in Las Vegas April 25 – 28, 2011.