Designing a Laundry Room with Function and Creativity in Mind

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The design of a laundry room can present a number of challenges to a home designer and builder. On the one hand, it is usually an afterthought to most homeowners – most of the attention in home design and renovation is given to kitchens and bathrooms. On the other hand, there is just as much of an opportunity for creativity and functionality in design in the laundry room as there is in any other room of the house. As this fact becomes more well-known, we should see more homeowners view the laundry room as a critical part of their home building or renovation. Here’s how you can help design a laundry room while keeping function and creativity at the forefront.

1. Choosing the Best Space and Prepping Accordingly

Among the concerns inherent in a laundry room design is the possibility of accidental flooding and the noise/vibrations that washers and dryers can make when in operation. That’s why the homeowner and designer must think carefully before choosing a space for the room. If a laundry room is to be placed on the second floor of a home, it will need some extra features such as vibration pads and waterproofing in order to minimize any kinds of disturbances in everyday home life.

2. Adding Storage and Work Space

One of the most essential features of any laundry room is having space for folding clothes and storing needed supplies. This can be implemented in a number of ways – for example, if the homeowner opts for a front-loaded washer and dryer, the countertop can be installed on top of the units. This creates a clean, integrated look. If there’s plenty of space available in the room, an island could also make sense as an area for folding. For supply storage, custom cabinetry and drawers can turn any laundry room into a professional-looking area. You can also look into wall cubicles and floating shelves to help keep the space well-organized.

3. Lighting

Most laundry rooms are tucked away in windowless or dark areas. Explain to the homeowner the importance of good lighting in the laundry room – it makes the space seem larger and also allows them to easily identify stains and spots on clothing that they might otherwise miss! Then, utilize all available tools to give the room the brightness it deserves – it adds to the practicality of the space and will help it shine!

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