Dishwasher Drying Methods and Tips

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Dishwasher technology has advanced significantly in the last decade, but there is one thing that homeowners have noticed – new dishwashers seem to not be able to dry dishes as well as the old units could. Many homeowners even believe something to be wrong with their new appliances and call for service! One thing to keep in mind is that new dishwashers are engineered and designed to emphasize energy efficiency and noise reduction first and foremost. Better energy standards usually mean that the drying aspect of your dishwasher may not be as effective as it once was. However, by learning about the drying methods available in dishwashers nowadays, you can also determine ways to increase the effectiveness of its drying cycle!

Heated Drying

The first drying method, known as heated drying, utilizes a fan to blow heated air throughout the unit. Many popular appliance brands, such as GE, Whirlpool, Maytag, and some Samsung models still use this method, but it may not be functional across all cleaning cycle modes. In fact, some dishwasher models require you to turn on heated drying manually to help save energy.

Condensation Drying

Other appliance brands have abandoned the heated drying method in favor of the quieter, more efficient condensation drying method. First popularized by Miele and Bosch, the method works by rinsing dishes with hot water at the end of the cleaning cycle. The stainless steel walls of the dishwasher are cooler and work to pull moisture from the dishes. This is further affected by the usage of plastic racks. Since plastic doesn’t retain heat well, it is conducive to allowing water from hotter glass and ceramic dishes to run off into the drain.

Drying Tips

Regardless of which of the two drying methods your new dishwasher uses, there are a few tips you can utilize to get your dishes dryer. The single most important influence in the effectiveness of your dishwasher’s drying cycle is how you load your dishes into the unit. Be sure to read our guide on how to load a dishwasher like a pro for more information! In addition, you can use a rinse aid, which is a liquid additive that breaks the bond between your dishes and water molecules.

You can also open the door of your dishwasher and leave it for a few minutes before beginning to unload it. This allows the moist air trapped within to escape. Some dishwasher models will even crack open automatically at the end of the cycle! Finally, when unloading your dishwasher, start with the bottom rack first – this prevents any extra water from dishes on the top from dripping onto the dishes on the bottom.

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