Do I Need a Range Hood?

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range hood

This range hood keeps the kitchen fresh and clean!

Do you need a range hood? The answer is yes! Range hoods or some form of ventilation is a requirement for residential kitchens. Whether it’s an over-the-range hood or a downdraft ventilation system, it is needed. But, a cheap range hood won’t do much for your kitchen. If you’re willing to invest in a good one, you’ll see marked benefits from it.

What are the Advantages of Having a Range Hood?

There’s a reason that so many people have range hoods in their kitchens. Here is a list of just a few of the reasons people opt to include them in their kitchen design.

  • Shields cabinetry. When cooking, heat, smoke, humidity, odors, and ultrafine airborne particles from your food can attribute to the discoloration of cabinetry. We’re sure you’re an excellent cook, but accidents do happen. In the event of a fire on your cooktop, a range hood with proper ventilation acts as a metal barrier to keep the fire from spreading to cabinetry or nearby kitchen appliances.
  • Provides Light. Many range hoods offer extra lighting over the all-important cooking area.
  • Cleans the Air. If vented properly, a good range hood can collect smelly, dirty cooking grease from the air and expel it outside.
  • Cools the Kitchen. We all know how hot it can get in the kitchen when cooking several dishes at once. A vented range hood can also expel excess heat from the kitchen to the outside.
  • Visually Stunning. An impressive, stainless steel range hood can provide a huge visual impact on your kitchen. Not only is it a functional kitchen item, but it is also a statement piece.

What Kind of Range Hood Should I Buy?

This largely depends on your taste, your budget, and manufacturer requirements for the range or cooktop you have. The more money you can put towards your range hood, the better. The better range hoods have built-in ventilation which helps to clean the air, regulate temperature, and is generally a necessary appliance for an avid cooker. Range hoods are rated by cubic feet per minute (CFM), which define how much air the range hood can circulate in a minute. The higher the CFM rating, the stronger your ventilation will be. Be wary that any range hood over 400 CFM will need a “make up air unit”.

How Do I Use a Range Hood?

Turn the hood’s fan on a few minutes before you start cooking and leave it on 15 minutes after you’ve finished to remove unwanted humidity and heat. As the heat in the kitchen and on the stovetop increases, increase the fan power. It’s best to use more fan power than you think you need, that way you won’t risk filling your kitchen with grease and heat by having the fan on too low. Be sure to have your range vent installed by a HVAC professional to ensure your range hood works at optimal efficiency and under state regulations.

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