Frequently Overlooked Dishwasher Features

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dishwasher features

Many homeowners overlook some of the more useful features on their dishwasher.

Many modern dishwasher models feature new technology to improve the machine’s performance, but many homeowners are not even aware that they exist. If you’ve recently bought or are looking to buy a new dishwasher for your kitchen, here are some of lesser known features to look out for.

Time Indicator – Most newer model dishwashers have a built in time indicator, that way you can know exactly how much time your wash cycle will take.

Rack Configurations – Do you get frustrated when large pots or serving spoons simply won’t fit in the dishwasher? Many newer model dishwashers have an option to move racks up or down, thus letting you fit larger dishes without it interfering with the revolving spray arm.

Sensors – Dome dishers feature sensors that can determine how dirty or clean the water is. If the dishes are already clean, the dishwasher will be able to adjust the cycle to use less water and save you energy. It can also detect if more water is needed to keep extra dirty dishes clean, so you don’t end up with food particles still stuck to silverware at the end of a cycle.

Delayed Start – This handy feature lets you start the dishwasher at a predetermined time. If you are running other appliances that require a lot of water, you can use delayed start so that they are not running concurrently. This feature can also save you on energy if you live somewhere that has peak energy off and on times.

Sanitize Wash – If your dishwasher has this feature, it can produce water temperatures that are much hotter than what human hands can handle. Combined with a good detergent, you can get an incredibly immaculate cleaning job so that dishes come out sparkling and germ free.

Pause Wash – If you’ve forgotten to add a couple dishes after you’ve loaded up the dishwasher, the pause wash setting can let you pause the cycle to get them in. The only thing to keep in mind is that the dishwasher will only let you open the door when it is safe, so if you wait too long then you will still be stuck washing those dishes by hand.

Rinse and Hold – With rinse and hold, you can run a quick cycle for just a few dishes. This cycle doesn’t use detergent, requires much less water, and can be used for a quick clean for dishes that aren’t all that dirty. It can also be used to rinse of dishes until you have a full load, helping to ensure that your dishwasher doesn’t grow odor inducing bacteria.

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