Gas, Electric, or Induction Cooking- What is the Difference?

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gas, electric, or induction cooking

Gas, electric, or induction cooking range?

There are many choices out there when it comes to your cooking surface. There are different designs for your cooking surface whether it be a full size range, rangetop or a cooktop. There are three types of cooking fuels; gas, electric or induction. What’s the difference between gas, electric, or induction cooking? It depends on what type of energy source you have in your home. The friendly, knowledgeable staff at Appliance Distributors Unlimited is here to assist you in your next purchase.

Advantages of Gas Cooking

Better Burner Control:

The burners on the gas cooking surfaces will heat up quicker than your electric surface. Adjusting the heat will make instant changes for a more precise control. Electric surfaces take longer to heat up to a boil and slower to bring down to a simmer. Gas tops will bring you up to a high heat faster and a lower simmer without the extra added wait time of electric


The heavier grates on gas cooking surfaces are more resilient. There are deep wells that can contain any spills that can occur while cooking. Gas surfaces have sealed burners for easier cleaning. While electric surfaces generally use a smooth cooking surface, there is always a possibility of glass breakage if something is dropped. Metal surfaces may only dent if something is dropped so you can still use the surface.

Cost Efficient:.

Gas cooking surfaces are a bit pricier than electric at the start. But, gas is a more efficient heating source so most likely you will save energy by using gas over electric.

Better for Cookware:

Pots will heat more evenly with gas. Woks and other round-bottom cookware are much friendlier with gas cooking surfaces. You are not set on which pot to use on which surface because you are confined to the size of the electric burner ring. In gas, you can use any size pot on any size surface for more flexibility.

Advantages of Electric Cooking

Electric surfaces have advantages too. Let’s look at some of them now.

Starting Cost:

The cost of an electric surface is less expensive to install. If you already have electric in the home, it is more cost effective to keep it there than to run gas to the home.

Easy to clean: Electric surfaces can simply be wiped up once cool.

Safety: A “hot surface” indicator usually activates, and only the area around the burner in use gets hot.

Advantages of Induction Cooking-

What is induction: Induction cooking offers one of the most controllable forms of cooking. The induction magnets under the glass surface only produce heat when it comes in contact with the magnetic pots or pans. Burner sizes are very universal and can easily be kept clean; boil overs and spills will not burn into the surface like electric does. The induction cooking performance will allow for rapid heat and instant low simmer controls. You must use pots that can attract a magnet.

Starting Cost: They are initially more expensive to purchase. But will pay off overall with cooking efficiency

Energy efficiency: Like previously stated, induction heats only the pots or pans and not the whole surface so the heat is directed to the pot itself so you are not wasting heat.

Easy to clean: since the whole surface is not getting hot, if you spill you can immediately clean up the surface while cooking. There is no wait for cleanup.

Safety: The surface cools a lot quicker than both gas and electric. It will only heat up when it senses the pot is on the surface and will shut off when a pot is removed and not sensed.

Induction can be the best of both gas and electric combined. Easier cleaning than the electric with the efficiency of the gas. When gas in not available at the home, induction can be a nice alternative. So what’s the difference between gas, electric, or induction cooking? It’s your decision.

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