GE Profile Frontload Steam Washer with Overnight Ready

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GE Profile frontload Steam Washer with…

                                                  Overnight Ready!!!

The scoop on Overnight Ready -  GE Profile’s frontload
Steam Washer’s innovative Overnight Ready is the

first unit in the industry with the ability to wash small
loads on an overnight cycle.  The cycle even helps

prevent clothes wrinkling compared to clothes that are
left sitting in the washer overnight.  The Overnight

Ready cycle keeps clothes moving gently up to eight

hours to remove moisture content.  Two easy-to-clean
filters trap lint for excellent results.

Having both that fresh-from-the-laundry feeling and a

couple more hours of sleep is a huge bonus for

today’s busy lifestyles.  Now you don’t have to

sacrifice your sleep to get the laundry done.  (You

know, waiting for the washer to finish, then the dryer

to finish…so the clothes look good enough to wear. Up
at least two more hours finishing the laundry.)

Whether it’s the kids soccer uniforms, a pair of jeans

for casual Friday, or a few dress shirts, the GE Profile

frontload Steam Washer finishes the laundry while

you sleep.