Cooktops: Is Glass or Metal Right for You?

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Although it’s important to choose a cooktop with an aesthetically pleasing appearance and ability to blend into your kitchen décor, you should take other factors into consideration as well. There are many more differences between glass and metal range cooktops than purely cosmetic. Other differences include initial and operating costs, ease of care and cleaning, and the special features available. Having trouble deciding if a glass or metal range cooktop is right for you? Take a look at our guide and decide which will work the best in your home.

Glass or Metal Cooktops

There are many more differences between glass and metal range cooktops than purely cosmetic.

Glass vs. Metal Cooktops: Factors to Consider

  • Initial price

Generally, purchasing a range with a metal cooktop is less expensive initially than one with a glass top. Depending on other factors such as brand, features, quality, and length of warranty, a glass top generally runs you about $50 to $100 more than a metal cooktop.

  •  Energy efficiency

Usually, glass cooktops are more energy efficient than those with metal tops and coils. If you cook on the range frequently and choose to go with a glass cooktop with a high energy rating, the money you save on energy bills may even be enough to make up for the difference in the initial cost. A glass-top range that automatically adjusts the size of the burner to the size of the pan can save you even more energy!

  • Ease of cleaning

The smooth surface of glass makes glass cooktops very easy to clean initially; however, if the spills are left to sit on the glass for long enough, they can become difficult to remove. Metal cooktops require cleaning on the surface as well as around the heating elements. This cleaning requires more labor, but if you don’t get to it right away, it won’t be as difficult to clean as glass.

  • Extra features

Depending on the type and size of the coil element on metal cooktops, the options are usually limited to rapid heating and adjustable burner size. Glass cooktops, on the other hand, have many more options available such as touch-control and automatic pan size and heat sensors.

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