How a Showroom Helps You Decide on Appliances

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Consider Remodel

A kitchen showroom can give you inspiration for your kitchen remodeling project!

Kitchen showrooms are pre-built kitchens that show off the style and functionality of kitchen appliances. While you may not prefer the layout or colors of a particular showroom for your own kitchen, going to a showroom is a valuable opportunity to see how an appliance fits in to your tastes and space. Appliance Distributors Unlimited has kitchen showrooms in five locations, so we can be more convenient for you.

Try Before You Buy

While kitchen showrooms are generally not connected to plumbing or electric, you do have a valuable chance to try using the appliances otherwise. If you have a specific appliance in mind, you want to make sure that you like how it functions first. For example, you can check how heavy the oven doors are, or which faucet handles turn easiest. In other words, you can check out an appliance in a showroom in ways that you can’t in a catalogue. Also, getting to see an appliance in person allows you to see how it really looks and feels in a space. Perhaps it’s not the same shade of color you thought it would be, or maybe it’s not as textured as you’d like. You also get to see how it fits into a physical space. You can visualize what a refrigerator or oven door will look like when it is opening and closing in your own kitchen. Is it too big? Would you prefer doors that swing a different way? Maybe you have a big family and the fridge you liked just doesn’t look big enough inside. Taking a stroll through a kitchen showroom is a great way to imagine that you are strolling through your own future kitchen.


You may go to a showroom to look at a specific appliance that you’ve been eyeing but suddenly fall in love with another one. That’s the best thing about kitchen showrooms; you get to browse the best of everything until something catches your eye. Even if you don’t have anything specific in mind, a kitchen showroom is a great place to go to get ideas. You may even find something that you didn’t realize you needed. If you are considering a kitchen remodel, a kitchen showroom is the best place to start. Just remember to bring size measurements with you; it would be a shame to fall in love with an appliance and then order it in the wrong size. You also want to keep in mind a list of must-have features, then compare as you browse. Take a look at our brochure for more helpful tips.

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