How Function Can Become a Priority When Designing a Kitchen for Gaithersburg Homeowners

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Function in a Kitchen Design Gaithersburg

When developing a new kitchen design, it’s easy for homeowners to focus on making it look the best that it can. Often, they will have magazine clippings or Pinterest pins of beautiful kitchens that they want to emulate with their new project. And beauty is definitely an important quality to impart in a kitchen design! But it’s also easy to forget the purpose of a kitchen space – it’s an important work area that needs to be designed with functionality as a core attribute. A sense of workflow, the layout of the space, the position of various appliances, how everything comes together – without all of this, a kitchen might be beautiful, but it won’t be very functional. And as the kitchen is one of the most used areas of a home, you owe it to the homeowners you work with to make function a priority when designing a kitchen. Here’s how you can make it happen.

Implementing Technology

Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things (IoT) have been gaining a lot of momentum recently as more homeowners discover the applications and the impact it can have on everyday tasks. If your client is looking at Wi-Fi enabled appliances and other gadgets, the kitchen design will have to work in tandem with other rooms of the home – specifically, whichever room houses the wireless router. You may need to implement other solutions to achieve connectivity, but this shouldn’t pose too much of an issue if planned for at the outset of a new project.

Layout Options

Your basic design layout is going to be the key driver of functionality within a kitchen space. A kitchen island, for example, can do a lot for a mid-to-large space; it adds potential storage capacity, more work zones, and more depending on how you design it. For smaller spaces, your layout options will be a bit more restricted and your decisions here will be crucial. Remember to keep the concept of workflow in mind. The work triangle concept can be applied in spaces of any size and should serve as a great conceptual starting point for your design.

Lighting the Way

Lighting is also very important if you want to emphasize function in a design. Task lights should be installed for every work zone, and you can also design lighting fixtures to illuminate compact areas under cabinets. Accent lights should be considered for aesthetic reasons, but are also great for general visibility within the space.


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