How Kitchens Have Evolved Over the Last Decade

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evolved kitchen over decade

Today’s modern kitchens have evolved drastically from the kitchens of a decade ago.

With the way that time tends to pass us by, a decade doesn’t seem like a very long time. We’ve used kitchen appliances for many decades, so it may not seem like there would be much change in just the last decade. However, the kitchen of today is quite different from the kitchen 10 years ago. Your own kitchen has probably gone through many changes over the years. To really appreciate the presence of modern technology in the kitchen, let’s take a look at a few appliances and how they’ve improved over the years.

The Dishwasher

Do you remember having to leave the kitchen to have a conversation so you wouldn’t have to talk over the loud WHRRR of the dishwasher? How about running certain dishes through the dishwasher twice just to get them clean? Today’s modern dishwasher has come a long way since those days. New dishwashers from Bosch and Jenn-Air are less intrusive than ever. Display panels are hidden in the top of the door and stylized panels that match the cabinetry help the dishwasher to blend into its surroundings. Modern dishwashers are also so quiet that it’s hard to tell if they are even on! Specialized cleaning features like integrated stemware holders, automatic detergent release, and automated wash sensors make it easy to have sparkling, pristine dishes. Plus, energy-conscious features like half load options and eco cycles result in high Energy Star ratings as well as savings on your energy bills.

The Cooktop

The term “stove” has now been replaced by the term “cooktop”, and several old features of the stove have been replaced as well. The big difference between the stove and the cooktop is that the cooktop is completely independent of the oven. A cooktop can be located on top of the oven, or it can be handily installed in your kitchen island, so that you have a designated working area and can face your guests as you put on a show! The cooktop has soared in popularity because it is able to offer several features that used to be only accessible to gourmet chefs. Now, you can daintily cook light sauces or melt chocolate with low-level BTU output settings, or precisely cook difficult dishes with inner and outer flames on burners, or forego heat altogether and cook with magnetic-based induction heat, which leaves a cool and safe surface.


The refrigerator used to be where food was stored and kept fresh, and that was it. Today, refrigerators are designed to actually make life easier. Not only can you opt for a panelled, built-in Sub-Zero refrigerator, you can also choose a GE refrigerator that will make your coffee for you or give you freshness tips on an electronic display. Plus, today’s refrigerators are built to be energy-efficient, temperature controlled, and effectively sealed. The result is a high-class refrigerator that keeps foods fresher for longer and makes life easier.

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