How to Choose the Best Beverage Center for Your Needs

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Over the years, the kitchen area of a home has become more than just a space for cooking meals. It is now seen as the main location for entertaining family members and guests. Home buyers are focused in on the amenities available within the kitchens of the homes they are visiting, and entire TV programs are dedicated to remaking old kitchens into modern entertainment spaces. Modern kitchens are planned out carefully to include several work zones, each laid out for some specific task. A beverage center is a popular work zone that you can also include in your kitchen renovation project to add utility and character to your space! Here are some ideas to help you pick the best beverage center for your unique needs.

For Small Spaces

Just because you’re limited by space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a beverage center of your own. A simple undercounter refrigerator can serve as a focal point for your beverage center, and this can be set off apart from the main meal prep area in a side counter. Cabinets around the area can be stocked with wine stems or pint glasses to complete the space. In addition, you could also dedicate the area to coffee or tea by placing a coffeemaker or water heater and stocking with creamer, sugar, tea bags, and mugs!

For Medium Spaces

You’ll have some more choice in how you design a beverage center with medium-sized kitchen spaces. If the space has a kitchen island, or you’re planning to have one installed, setting off a portion of the island space for the beverage center is a great idea. You can utilize an undercounter refrigerator to store wine, beer, and other drinks in an area that doesn’t interfere with cooking tasks. Installing cabinets and drawers next to this will enhance your beverage center by adding usable storage space.

For Large Spaces

In big kitchens, your choices are limited only by your imagination! Most homeowners opt for a completely separate beverage bar construction, which houses everything you need for a fully stocked beverage center – wine fridge, coffee center, and even a separate sink or dishwasher, plus all of the dishware and accessories you need to make it the center of your guests’ attention. Placing this bar close to the dining or living room will really bring the best out of this space and make it ideal for entertaining year-round.

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