How to Design an Easy to Use, Low Maintenance Kitchen

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Spring cleaning is on the horizon for homeowners, and many of them are searching for “lifehacks” and other ways to make their yearly cleaning tasks much easier. The kitchen is a space especially notorious for being hard to clean! Designers and builders, however, can offer something valuable to homeowners in this regard: a kitchen renovationthat features an easy to use, low maintenance, but still fashionable design. By implementing these design guidelines, you can make your customers’ spring cleaning routines a lot easier!

A Smarter Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash attracts a lot of mess, and depending on the material can be extremely difficult to keep clean. Instead of a painted wall or wallpaper, suggest stainless steel or tile for a backsplash material. Homeowners can eliminate the risk of a deep stain which can permanently set in with one of these materials!

Spare a Thought for the Trash

One of the most overlooked parts of a kitchen renovation or design is setting up a space for the trashcan. Many homeowners end up setting a can wherever they can find available space, but this can lead to unappetizing odors that can be difficult to remove. One great way to remedy this problem is by designing a discreet location for the trashcan – easy to access, but hidden away to avoid smelly messes. The under-sink area is a perfect location! For a two bay sink design, suggest placing the trashcan under one bay and the garbage disposal unit on the other side.

Embrace Color

Color is a big influence in how clean a room appears – think about how much dirtier white and black cars seem to get compared to other colored vehicles. This concept applies to kitchen design as well, especially with countertops. Neutral colored countertops tend to work best not just aesthetically, but also philosophically if the end design goal is a low maintenance, practical kitchen.

Be Mindful of Appliance Features

Some appliance features, while having a lot of utility, can also be a nightmare to keep clean and should be considered carefully before purchase. For example, one feature you could get for a cooktop is a built-in griddle. While griddles are great and add much to the cooking experience, they’re also nearly impossible to clean! On the other hand, investing in powerful burners and a nice cast-iron skillet pan can be a great alternative that keeps to the easy-to-clean goal of the kitchen design.

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