How to Factor for Appliance Placement in Your New Kitchen Design

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Appliance Placement

No two homeowners use their kitchens in exactly the same way. Some like to focus on providing a space to entertain friends, family, and other guests. Others are hardcore chefs that squeeze every ounce of utility out of their appliances. No matter how you use your kitchen, it’s important for your new kitchen design to accommodate your needs while also being easy to use. The placement of your appliances plays a major role here and should be considered carefully during the design and installation process. Here are our top tips for how you should factor for appliance placement when designing a new kitchen.

Remember the Work Triangle Concept

While there’s some debate as to whether the kitchen work triangle is outdated, it remains a great standard that should be followed within the majority of designs. The work triangle refers to the placement of the sink, rangetop or cooktop, and refrigerator in a kitchen – ideally, it forms a triangle shape to limit travel time between any two points. Seeing as this area is usually the busiest area of the kitchen, careful planning is needed to get the most utility out of the triangle.

Traffic Flows

Space is always at a premium in kitchen design, especially space for moving around. This goes for your guests/family as well as yourself – and you don’t want one to impede the other. Appliance placement can help here – you may consider installing a beverage center away from the main workflows of the kitchen to facilitate ease of access for your guests. Work aisles should always be at least 42 inches wide – more if you tend to cook with your partner or if two appliances are competing for space in the same area.

Plan Space for Smaller Appliances if Necessary

If you’re like most of us, you can’t start your day without a fresh cup of coffee or tea in the morning. Ensure that you plan out space for a coffee maker, toaster, air fryer, or other smaller appliances that you’ll end up using frequently. Consider too whether larger appliances with these amenities built-in might be a good fit for you – for example, a refrigerator with a built-in Keurig machine could be a great option for those with limited kitchen space, or those who place a high value in having high tech main appliances. Placement of these appliances should also be done with traffic flow and the work triangle in mind.


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