How to Load Your Dishwasher the Right Way

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load your dishwasher

Loading your dishwasher the right way will help keep dishes clean and free from damage.

Making sure your dishwasher is well maintained is important, and part of that includes following a proper dishwasher loading strategy. Every dishwasher is different, so it’s a good idea to check with your appliance’s manual for the best practices for your dishwasher. Still, here are a few loading strategy tips that will help prevent damage to your dishes and keep your plates clean.

Dos and Don’ts

Do – Scrape food and pre-rinse dishes if there is something to remove. It’s a dishwasher not a garbage disposal.

Don’t – Stack items. Your dishwasher’s spray won’t be able to reach or clean everything and you’ll be forced to run another load. Don’t let forks and spoons nest together either!

Do – Secure plastic items. If plastic falls onto the heating element it can melt.

Don’t – Stock up on too much detergent. Cleaning agents need to be fresh or they won’t get the job done as well.

Do – Check to make sure your dishwasher’s arms can spin freely and that there are no obstructions to your tubes, sprayers, or detergent cups.

Load Your Dishwasher: Bottom Rack

Be strategic when loading your dishwasher so that you can get the most out of a single load. The dirty side of plates and bowls should always face the water spray. Secure utensils with thin handles so that they don’t slip through the rack and interfere with the spray arm. Flat pans and platters should go in the back and along the sides to ensure that the detergent reaches all your dishes. Separate stainless steel and silverware to prevent metal reactions that could cause damage.

Load Your Dishwasher: Top Rack

Cups, glasses, and mugs belong on the top rack. They should be positioned securely between the prongs. Placing them on top can leave a spot where the tip of the prong meets the cup. Angle your cups such that water is kept from pooling on the top of the upside down cups. Carefully arrange wine glasses so that they don’t bump into one another during the wash. Avoid overcrowding your dishwasher. If the dishwasher is full then it’s time to start!

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