How to Prevent Your Washer/Dryer from “Eating” Your Socks

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Are socks disappearing from your washer/dryer?

If you’ve ever done laundry, you’ve probably experienced the disappearing socks phenomenon. Studies have shown that people lose as many as 15 socks a year, which is over 1,264 socks in a lifetime. There are many explanations for why this could be happening, ranging from socks getting stuck behind the drum of your washing machine to simply misplacing them altogether. Some people have even theorized that their socks are being sucked into another dimension! Regardless, here are few things you can do to make sure your comfy feet warmers don’t vanish on you anymore.

But Why Are All the Socks Gone?

There is no definitive answer for why your socks may be going AWOL on you. It’s possible for socks to get pulled between the drum of some washing machines, and overloading your washing machine can sometimes cause socks to get stuck inside the pump. Dryer static has been known to cause socks to cling to other articles of clothing. You may simply not have noticed until much later. Precisely how your socks are disappearing may remain a mystery, but you can rest easy knowing that there likely aren’t any sock gremlins in your laundry room.

How You Can Avoid Losing Your Socks

The best way to keep socks safe is to keep them in pairs. Safety pins and binder clips can work, or simply roll the sleeve of one sock over the other. This may make the socks take longer to dry, but will also keep them from going missing. Another thing you can do is keep a separate hamper for socks. This will help you keep track of your socks so they don’t get mixed up with other clothes, and will prevent them from falling when you go to transport them to and from your washer/dryer. A small laundry mesh bag can also be an effective way to keep socks together during a wash. Soapy water will still get through to your socks, but the mesh bag will hopefully keep them from being transported to another universe.

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