How to Shop for a New Refrigerator

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How to Buy a New Refrigerator

With the holidays coming up soon, now is probably the worst time of the year to have a refrigerator that isn’t functioning properly or doesn’t fit in with your home lifestyle. The right fridge can make a world of difference in helping you get the most functionality out of your kitchen. But shopping for a new refrigerator isn’t as simple as stopping into the showroom and picking your favorite model! You’ll need to come prepared with some information about your current kitchen space, along with a vision of how your fridge fits in with the overall aesthetic and practical design, before you can pick the perfect refrigerator for your home and needs! Here’s what you need to know.

Measure Your Fridge Space

The physical space where your current refrigerator resides is going to play a big role in narrowing down your shopping options. If you’re replacing a built-in unit, you’ll be limited by the dimensions of the cabinetry surrounding the unit. Either your new refrigerator will have to fit into this space, or you’ll need extensive remodeling to create a space large enough for your desired unit. Measure your height, counter-depth, and width and take these dimensions with you to the showroom. If you’re building a new kitchen from scratch, you’ll have more leeway in this regard depending on where in the project timeline you are.

Take Stock of the Features You Need

Having a baseline for the refrigerator features you absolutely need in a unit will help greatly when shopping around. You’ll be able to find the refrigerators that will do everything you need them to do in your home life, and from here you’ll be able to identify features that are “nice to have” and determine whether it can fit into your budget. Functionality is extremely important for refrigerators, as it is with nearly every kitchen appliance, so you shouldn’t compromise on features that you deem a necessity for your kitchen.

Aesthetic Considerations are Important Too!

A kitchen should not only function well but look good doing it too! Whether you’re designing a new kitchen from scratch, renovating your old space, or simply replacing your current unit, you should have some idea as to the aesthetic that your kitchen as a whole is shooting for. As a major appliance, the refrigerator draws the eye in a kitchen space, so it can have a massive impact on the overall feel of the kitchen space. Consider not only the finish (stainless steel, black slate, etc.), but also the style (French door, side-by-side, etc.) of the fridge!


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