How to Use Professional Kitchens to Influence Your Home Kitchen Design

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The current popularity of cooking shows on television has, to some degree, influenced restaurant design trends. Consider the number of restaurants with an open view into the kitchen – these allow us an up-close and personal view and make us feel as though we are at the head chef’s own table as we dine. This could be one of the many reasons why home kitchen design has been picking up elements of professional kitchens recently. It’s trendingupward and for good reason – professional kitchens offer up a lot of utility and durability. What are some of the design elements used in professional kitchens that could influence your own kitchen design?

Durable Workstations

Setting up workstations is a very practical element of kitchen design that, to some extent, every kitchen uses. Professional kitchens need to be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear, especially during dinner rushes, so they tend to be made out of very durable materials. You’ll want to look at countertop materials such as quartz, which resists stains and is easy to maintain. If you want the full professional aesthetic, however, stainless steel is the way to go.

Stainless Steel Surfaces

Professional chefs rely on stainless steel because of its utility, its ability to resist stains, and, most importantly, its resistance to bacteria. And while the stainless steel aesthetic isn’t for every home, it can work with careful planning and creative execution. Stainless steel appliances also work well with this look and should be seriously considered.

Utensil Rack

The utensil rack is an important piece of a professional kitchen that allows for easy access to the utensils necessary to create a delicious meal. This utility can also be expanded upon in a home kitchen – it shows off your utensils beautifully! Consider adding a utensil rack underneath some open shelving to further show off some cookware as well.

Small Design Touches

Elsewhere in the kitchen, you can add small design touches to really bring out the professional aesthetic. For example, you could add a service door with the porthole window, an icon of the restaurant, between the kitchen and the dining room or pantry room. You could also implement lights in the style of heating lamps in various parts of the kitchen – while these won’t be doing the job of keeping meals warm, they will evoke the ambiance of a professional kitchen!

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