Introducing the Keurig K-Cup French-Door Refrigerator!

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Keurig Refrigerator

Wake up to a delicious cup of coffee from your Keurig French Door Refrigerator!

It’s time to update your old Keurig coffee maker. GE has just announced a new French-Door Refrigerator with a built-in Keurig! This isn’t your average Keurig, either. It has four different temperature settings, as well as a water purifying system that removes 95% of pharmaceuticals from the water. If you are thinking about getting a new refrigerator, consider the brand new Keurig K-Cup French-Door Refrigerator!

What Can I Do With My Keurig K-Cup French-Door Refrigerator?

Believe it or not, you can actually do much more with your Keurig Refrigerator than just make coffee. The Keurig Refrigerator has built-in temperature settings to prepare water for tea, hot chocolate, and even soup! You can even program a custom temperature, so you can get the temperature for your special green tea just right, or you can make sure that your kid’s hot chocolate isn’t too hot. The Keurig Refrigerator also has fill settings just like the old Keurig, so you can be sure that you’re making enough coffee to fill your favorite coffee cup. Additionally, the Keurig Refrigerator has hot water scheduling with the GE Kitchen App! Just use the app to tell your Keurig Refrigerator what time you want your hot water ready, what temperature and volume you want the water to be, and which days you want the hot water ready. You can have hot water waiting for you in your kitchen every morning so that you have time to enjoy your morning coffee before work!

Is It Environmentally-Friendly?

While the K-Cups are not so environmentally-friendly, Keurig has heard peoples’ concerns and made a response. You can order the Keurig 2.0 My K-cup from Keurig’s website. These K-cups are designed to be used over and over again, with a removable lid for easy access and cleaning. These reusable K-cups are even dish-washer safe! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your stylish Keurig K-Cup French-Door Refrigerator is cleaning the water while you are helping to clean the environment.

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