Kitchen Appliance Trends to Watch for in 2016

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2016 modern kitchen

Kitchens in 2016 are likely to embrace state-of-the-art technology and modern-looking aesthetics.

2016 is slated to be a great year for kitchens. Many new design trends are projected for the upcoming year, while old design trends are predicted to get revamped or explored. The main themes for this year seem to be tranquility and modernity, with kitchens predicted to look both calming and chic.

State-of-the-art Kitchen Appliances

2016 is going to be the year that we pamper ourselves with high-quality, state-of-the-art kitchen appliances. According to Drury Design, 2016 kitchens will be “full of state-of-the-art appliances, from steam ovens to built-in coffee machines to wine coolers.” And it’s no wonder why these impressive appliances are becoming so popular. Keurig recently upgraded their small coffee machine to a state-of-the-art Keurig K-Cup French Door Refrigerator. Built-in wine storage units are also becoming a popular way to properly store wine in a way that makes a high-end kitchen look even more appealing while also offering the benefit of convenience. The popularity of state-of-the-art appliances has already been on the rise, and that popularity is only projected to continue in 2016.

Smart Spaces

As technology becomes an increasingly necessary part of our everyday lives, our interior design follows suit to accommodate the need for technology in every room of our homes. Designers predict that the kitchen will see more “smart spaces” built into the overall design in 2016. This includes hidden power ports and built-in storage spaces for smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Warm Metallics

Metallics are a design trend that has been popular in 2015 and will continue to dominate interior design trends in 2016. The advantages and timelessness of stainless steel kitchen appliances mean that stainless steel will be trending for a very long time. Brass, copper, and bronze kitchen appliances are also great choices for kitchen design. Manufactures are releasing surprising new takes on stainless steel appliances. Kitchenaid is now offering their Black Stainless line. It is a warmer alternative to traditional stainless steel and looks amazing if you’re looking to create a modern kitchen. GE Monogram has released their premium Graphite line. The bold design is uncommonly strong and scratch resistant alternative to other stainless finishes. We are one of the few on the East Coast to have a Graphite range on display in our Gaitherburg Showroom. 2015 saw homeowners experimenting with these metallics in small doses, such as using them for pendant lighting, cabinetry hardware, and faucets. This year, the trend is predicted to increase. Metal range hoods are likely to be a big trend in 2016, as are metal backsplashes and metal accent pieces. Incorporating metallics into the kitchen produces a pleasant mixture of different natural elements with a sometimes raw quality.

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