La Cornue introduces Memoire Cabinetry

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La Cornue introduces Memoire oak and walnut cabinetry
as part of culinary architecture…

La Cornue, the century-old artisanal producer of French ranges and rotisseries, is expanding its culinary passion from range to the entire kitchen living space with the introduction of Memoire oak and walnut cabinetry.
The wood cabinetry is part of La cornue’s new approach to the design of the entire kitchen, Culinary Architecture.
For years, La Cornue has offered enameled steel Chateau base cabinets as a way to create, in conjunction with its handmade Chateau ranges, cooking centers which become focal point of the kitchen.  But the metal cabinetry is too heavy for wall appliances.  The new wood Memoire cabinetry facilitates fresh new design options.
Full Memoire cabinetry paneling for refrigeration and dishwashers is available too.  And a specialty unit can house a La Cornue built-in Flamberge rotisserie.