Laundry Room Upgrade: The Advantages of a Steam Cycle Dryer

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steam cycle dryer

A steam cycle dryer will help you take the best possible care of your clothes right in your very own home.

Steam cycle dryers are becoming a popular laundry room appliance and for good reason. Not only do they save you a few trips to the dry-cleaners, but they can help you save money on your energy bills as well. There are many dryers to choose from when looking to upgrade your laundry room appliances. Here are a few reasons why steam cycle dryers will help you take the best possible care of your clothes right in your very own home.

Lighten Your Dry-Cleaning Load

For years, you’ve relied on your trusty dry-cleaning service to help you thoroughly clean your clothes. But having your clothes dry-cleaned on a regular basis can start to add up. Of course, some of your clothing does require a professional service. Materials like wool and silk are more difficult to work with, especially if you’re not sure how to handle them. However, chances are that a lot of the clothing materials you’re taking to your dry-cleaner, like cotton, can be treated easily in a steam cycle dryer.

Odor Removal and Sanitization

Steam cycle dryers use steam, which is hotter than boiling water, to act as a sanitizing agent. When your clothing is run through a hot steam cycle, the steam eliminates any odors and bacteria that have built up over time. The deodorizing and sanitizing features of a steam cycle dryer make it so that some of your garments simply need only to go through the dryer and not be washed in the washing machine to remove odors, like cigarette smoke. Be sure to check for stains before tossing a garment through a steam cycle. Steam cycles can set stains on certain materials, so it’s best to conduct a thorough check before pressing start.

Wrinkle Removal

Other than ridding your delicate garments of odor and bacteria, steam cycle dryers eliminate wrinkles in your clothing as well. Don’t have enough time to iron that shirt before work in the morning? No problem. The quickness and efficiency of a steam cycle dryer mean all you have to do is throw your shirt in the dryer for 20 minutes — at most. The hot steam will have your shirt looking fresh, revitalized, and wrinkle-free. The wrinkle removal feature of a steam cycle dryer makes taking care of all of your garments that need to look neat and orderly an effortless task.

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