Learn to Load Your Dishwasher Like a Pro with These Tips!

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Of all the appliances in your kitchen, which one do you believe is the most useful? While there’s certainly an argument to be made in favor of your refrigerator or oven (or, if you’re not a morning person, your coffee maker!), imagine life without your dishwasher. Washing dishes by hand and air drying them afterward is tedious and takes up a lot of time – the dishwasher helps streamline the flow of clean dishes in your kitchen without requiring significant effort. But using your dishwasher effectively depends on learning how to load a dishwasher correctly – something that can actually take some real skill and knowledge! Today, we’ll share our tips for how to load your dishwasher like a pro so you can make the most out of each cycle!

Prepping Your Dishes for the Wash

Most homeowners actually do more prep work on their dirty dishes than is really necessary, running them through a pre-rinse in the sink before loading. All you need to do is simply scrape any food off your dishes into your trash receptacle, then place in the dishwasher. No need for running the items through the faucet! You’ll not only save time but also water resources, helping contribute to a greener lifestyle.

Placement Tips

Placing items in the dishwasher is an area where many people struggle. There can be a certain “best way” to load your particular dishes into your specific dishwasher which may take some experimentation. However, there are a few universal best practices you should follow:

  • When loading large items on the lower rack, you’ll want to ensure that the spray arms are not obstructed from spinning freely for maximum cleaning potential.
  • Your plastic dishes can be placed anywhere in your dishwasher as long as they are dishwasher-safe. Most plastic dishes have a marker, usually on the bottom, that indicate whether they are or not.
  • Cutlery should always be placed in the basket on the bottom rack, or in the third rack if your dishwasher has this feature. Avoid stacking silverware and point the sharp end of knives downward for safety purposes.
  • Glasses and cups should be placed in the upper rack at an angle – this allows for easier drying and helps prevent the appearance of streaks!

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