The Many Benefits of Drinking from a GE Home Water Treatment System

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If you want the cleanest drinking water possible, a GE home water treatment system is a worthwhile investment.

Clean residential water is a topic on most people’s minds these days. We take for granted how easily we can access water every day in our homes. We use water to prepare foods, bathe, wash our clothes, etc. The most important aspect of residential water, though, is that we drink it. But just how clean is that water that we’re drinking? Knowing how clean your water is easy with a GE home water treatment system. If you want the cleanest drinking water possible, a GE home water treatment system is a worthwhile investment.

Be Chemical-Free

Large water treatment centers use many different chemicals to kill any bacteria floating around in the water. Chemicals like chlorine and chloramine work as disinfectants eliminating the microorganisms that could potentially cause disease in humans. These chemicals should be filtered out by the time they’re coming into your home, but scientists are seeing an alarming increase in chemicals and contaminants in residential water. To be sure you’re water is chemical-free, consider a GE 31,100 Grain Water Softener and Filter In One.

Say Good-Bye to Bacteria

With aging infrastructure, the US public water system is not what it used to be. Corroding pipes are causing leaks and breaks, and these problems can greatly increase a risk for microorganisms making their way into the water coming directly out of your sink. With recent E. Coli breakouts, it is best to be as safe with your water as possible. To ensure that you’re drinking uncontaminated water, have a GE Reverse Osmosis Filter installed in your home.

Feel Refreshed

The taste and smell of your water are critical. As you know, water should not have a smell, and it should taste like pure, clean water. For most people, any added flavors or chemicals are immediately recognizable. The water flowing through your home and into your drinking glasses should be clear, odorless, and fresh. If you are experiencing anything other than clean and clear water flowing through your pipes, a GE Dual Flow Water Filtration  System will keep your water exactly the way it should be.

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