Must-Have Appliances for the Luxury Kitchen

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must-have kitchen appliances

This beautiful kitchen has an induction range with a built-in range hood.

If you are building a high-end, luxury kitchen, you want impressive appliances that make working in the kitchen easy and enjoyable. A great kitchen appliance not only functions at peak efficiency, it actually adds to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Here are our top picks for kitchen appliances that combine functionality with form.

Built-In Refrigerator

A built-in refrigerator, such as the Wolf Sub-Zero refrigerator, is the best refrigerator money can buy. This top-of-the-line refrigerator lasts around twice as long as a regular refrigerator and has a patented air-filtration technology that removes ethylene gas produced by fruits, keeping food fresher for longer. The Sub-Zero refrigerator also comes with dual-refrigeration technology and doors that tightly seal, which further prolongs the life of the food inside your refrigerator and saves energy as well! Besides the great function, the reason that built-in refrigerators are so popular is that they blend in seamlessly with your kitchen cabinetry. You can have your built-in refrigerator outfitted to match your kitchen exactly, which creates a classy and elegant aesthetic.

Induction Range

A Jenn-Air induction range offers precise temperature control and heats up faster than a traditional gas or electric range. Many homeowners have fallen in love with induction ranges because they offer smart, futuristic cooking technology. Some induction ranges have a bridge option which turns two coinciding cook zones into one large cook zone, making it convenient to cook with larger cookware such as griddles or poaching pans. The smooth surface of an induction cooktop blends well with a modern kitchen.

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher

You may have a gorgeous kitchen, but attention will be drawn away from your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal if you have a noisy dishwasher. The Bosch 800 Series dishwasher operates at 38 to 42 dBA, making them unintrusive and whisper-quiet. For reference 40dBA is comparable to the hum of a refrigerator. These dishwashers also have Energy Star compliance, built-in water softener, and a full-color clear text display! This beautiful dishwasher is so fun to use, you may even look forward to doing the dishes!

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