Nerissa Powell Takoma Park showroom

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Nerissa Powell,  Takoma Park Showroom

27 May 2015

Dear Nerissa:

I was under great duress.  My cat was sick, my husband wanted me to go on a trip with him which had been planned before said cat was sick, I was having insomnia from the stress of trying to decide what to do for the cat and my husband — and then my washing machine died.  I hadn’t seen a new washer in 20 years.  I looked at Washington Consumer’s Checkbook and voila, your company was listed as “best”.

I dropped in to Takoma Park location with no appointment, probably somewhat incoherent, and your wonderful employee Nerissa Powell rescued me.  She was calm, friendly, supportive and patient.  She gave me her full attention, listened compassionately to my tale of woe and distress and helped me grapple with the myriad choices in washers that have sprung up in the last 20 years.  She was able to help me narrow down choices according to what I wanted-she was amazing at being able to decipher this from my ramblings – and sent a quote to me via email so I could send it to my spouse, and arranged the delivery.  Because I needed to digest the info, I had delayed a day in ordering, and she was apologetic that my delivery would need to be changed from Friday until Monday.  (Which was okay with me, I was so relieved to have made a decision).  I then got a phone call that your company could in fact deliver on Friday – wonderful!  The two gentlemen that arrived were courteous, friendly and competent.  Sorry I did not get their names – they left my laundry area neat and tidy and even took a moment to admire my insect hotel.

Thank you so much for having the insight to hire and I hope adequately reimburse such lovely employees.  They certainly saved my sanity, and allowed me to dismiss the “washer worry”.  I was able to proceed to make arrangements for the cat, and go on the trip with my husband – and feel relieved every time I see my new washing machine!

I am grateful and have already told many friends about your wonderful company.

Thanks, so very much

Paula Jean Hallberg