How to Prepare Your Kitchen for a Family Thanksgiving Gathering

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Family Thanksgiving Gathering

Get your kitchen ready for your family Thanksgiving gathering with these useful tips!

November has come and that means the holiday season is almost upon us! A lot of time and effort goes into creating the perfect setting for your family Thanksgiving gathering, so the earlier you begin to prepare, the less stressful this period can be. The amount of cooking that is required can place a strain on your kitchen appliances, so you’ll want to check up on them to ensure they can adequately handle the load. If you need new kitchen appliances before the guests arrive, now is the time to order them! Here’s a list of some tasks you should do to prepare your kitchen thoroughly for Thanksgiving.

Checking in on Your Kitchen Appliances

Although we use them all year long for preparing and cooking meals, your kitchen appliances will have to put in double time during the holidays, especially at Thanksgiving. One of the first things you should do is clean your oven – if yours has a self-clean function, use that. This ensures that your oven is ready for the intense job of cooking the turkey, stuffing, and anything else that might be on the menu. Another task you’ll want to complete just before the big day is to thoroughly clean out your refrigerator. Refrigerator space is at a premium on Thanksgiving due to the amount of food prep and leftovers that is generated. If you’re having trouble clearing out some space, one useful hack is to take an outdoor cooler, fill it with ice, and store your condiments, dressings, and any other items you won’t be needing on Thanksgiving in it. Store this cooler in your garage so it is out of the way! Finally, the day before, make sure your dishwasher is empty so you’ll have plenty of room for dirty dishes!

Arranging for Your Menu and Recipes

Every great family Thanksgiving dinner starts with a planned menu and special recipes. Decide what you’re going to serve and figure out which ingredients you’ll need to make it happen. Go through your cabinets, cupboards, and pantry to see if you already have some of these ingredients. While doing this, you’ll also want to rearrange and make some space to store the ingredients you buy from the grocery store.

Take Care of Utensils

One thing that can get lost in the shuffle of the holidays – ensuring that everyone on your guest list has a plate and flatware to eat from! If you have a special set of chinaware that you use on special occasions like Thanksgiving, ensure that it is cleaned and polished before you begin the work of cooking dinner. Finally, take a quick minute to inspect your kitchen knives and sharpen them before the big day so you don’t end up having any issues carving the turkey!

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