Questions to Ask When Choosing a New Refrigerator

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New Refrigerator Questions

There are several questions you can ask to help you decide what you want out of your new refrigerator. Where should the freezer be located? What else?

The quest to purchase brand new kitchen appliances is nearly always a confusing one. These days, kitchen appliances are available in a huge variety of styles and models and come with all sorts of bells and whistles. It can be difficult to narrow down which appliances are right for your home!

When it comes to buying refrigerators, you’ll certainly want the best that money can buy. A refrigerator has to be able to hold up to daily wear and tear, have enough space to hold all your groceries, and be attractive enough for your guests to take notice when entering your kitchen. There are several questions you can ask to help you decide what you need to get out of your new refrigerator.

What to Ask before You Purchase Your New Refrigerator    

  1. Where should the freezer be located? Do you want a top freezer, bottom freezer, or side-by-side? Think about how much freezer space you’ll need and how often you’ll need to access it.
  2. What type of ice maker would I like? Some people prefer the convenience of being able to get ice without even opening their refrigerator door. Others will want it hidden away inside their freezer. It’s all up to you!
  3. What direction should the door (or doors) swing? It’s a good idea to take notice of your kitchen’s layout before purchasing a new refrigerator. You wouldn’t want to get it back home and then not be able to open it! Some refrigerators come with reversible doors, others are left-swing or right-swing only.
  4. What features am I looking for? You have many choices when it comes to features you can choose in your new refrigerator. Some of the most popular are:
    • French door
    • Built-in
    • Commercial look
    • Wine storage tall units
    • Under-counter

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